RTE02 - Roll Turner

We supplied this roll turning unit to turn large rolls of film through 90 degrees. The unit needed to be very robust. One of our design engineers visited the customer's factory to check the detail of how the rolls were handled to ensure that the design of the roll turner was correct.

The roll is loaded onto the roll turner with a forklift truck. A pallet is then placed next to the roll. The operator then presses a button on the roll turner to turn the roll through 90 degrees. The pallet with the roll on is then lifted off the roll turner with the forklift truck.

Technical Specifications

  • SWL 1,000kg
  • Steel construction
  • Grit blasted and powder coated finish
  • Floor standing with raw bolt fixings
  • Roll rotating deck to move through 90 degrees
  • Slew ring pivot from the back
  • Electric hydraulic power pack
  • Rotational ram
  • Mesh guarding
  • 240 volt 15 amp power input
  • Control box with forward / reverse and Emergency Stop