STS Drum, Roll & Materials Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Trolleys & Cradles
Drum Trolley
Dispensing Cradle
Rollover Cradle

Drum Rotators - Lifters & Tippers
Forward Tipping Drum Rotators
Battery Hydraulic Lift Manual Rotate
Manual Hydraulic Lift Manual Rotate
Pneumatic Hydraulic Lift Manual Rotate
Telescopic Electric Lift Manual Rotate
Telescopic Electric Lift Electric Rotate
Telescopic Pneumatic Lift Manual Rotate
Pneumatic Lift Manual Rotate with Loadcells
Manual Lift Manual Rotate with Loadcells
Drum Rotator with Insert for Small Drums
Electric Power Drive Rotator
Electric Power Drive Rotator
Electric Power Drive Drum Rotator
Pneumatic Power Drive Rotator
Manual Drum Rotator for 200 Litre Drums
Clamp & Rotate Drum Rotator
Stainless Steel GMP Rotator
Fast Hydraulic Rotator

Side Tipping Drum Rotators
Standard Model
Manual Clamp
Power Clamp
Battery Powered

Small Drum Tipper Rotators
Manual Lift Manual Rotate
Electric Lift Manual Rotate
Pneumatic Lift Manual Rotate
Vacuum Suction Rotator Head
Bespoke ATEX Rotator
Fixed Band Rotator
GMP Telescopic Lift
Telescopic Lift Power Rotation

Overhead Drum Rotators
Standard Model
Stainless Steel
Lightweight Model
Fixed Band
350kg Battery Powered Radio Controlled
500kg Battery Powered Radio Controlled

Drum Mixers
Drum Mixer Electric Powered
Drum Mixer Pneumatic Powered
Drum Mixer for Mixing Small 35 litre Drums
Drum Mixer Insert for Mixing Small Drums

Drum Lifting Equipment - Depalletisers
Side-Shift Depalletiser Moving Drums off Pallets
Stainless Steel Side-Shift Depalletiser for Drum Lifting in Pharmaceutical Areas
Corner Depalletiser Drum Mover
Stainless Steel Corner Depalletiser Pharmaceutical Drum Lifter for GMP Areas
Counterbalance Depalletiser for Drum Lifting
Short Counterbalance Depalletiser Drum Lifter
Drum Lifter Electric Powered Counterbalance Design
Depalletiser Attachments
Depalletiser Load Cells For Weighing Drums
Depalletisers for Lifting and Tipping Drums 15 to 50 Litres
Depalletiser with Lifting Boom Attachment
Depalletisers To Lift & Move 50 - 205 Litre Drums
Depalletiser Attachment for Drums
Depalletiser Attachment for Drums
Depalletiser Attachment for Lifting Fibre Drums
Small Drum Lifting Attachment
Drum Handling Equipment for Euro Pallets
Depalletiser Crane Jib Attachment
25 Litre Counterbalance Drum Lifter
25kg Counterbalanced Drum Lifter

Bespoke Drum Handling Equipment
Electric Power Drive Drum Rotator
Bowl Lifting Unit
Heavy Duty Drum Rotator
Powered Drum Rotator
Nirex Hazardous Waste Drum Handling
Large Mixing Vessel Lifter Tipper
Stacker with Drum Forks
Stainless Rotating Bowl Tipper
Stainless ATEX Drum Clamp Rotator
Drum Tongs for Overpack Drums

Roll Handling Equipment

Forward Rotating Roll & Reel Handling
Paper Roll Handling Rotator
Roll Lifter & Rotator
Electric Power Drive Roll Rotator
Clamping Roll Handler for Rotating Large Rolls
Stainless Rotating Tipper
Small Roll Clamp Rotator

Roll Rotating Handling Equipment
Cable Reel Handling
Heavy Duty Roll Handling
1500kg Roll Handler
1500kg Roll Handler System
Manual Roll Rotator
Roll Rotator
Stacker with Clamping Roll Rotator<

Core Gripping Roll Handling Equipment
Core Handling Paper Roll Rotator
Core Gripper Paper Roll Handling
Counterbalance Core Gripping Roll Lifter
Roll Core Gripper with Interchangeable Cores
Roll Core Gripping Unit with Interchangeable Cores & Side Clamp
Battery Hydraulic Stacker with Manual Core Gripping Roll Lifter

Bespoke Custom Design Roll Handling Equipment
Bespoke Roll Turner
Core Roll Lifter
Hydraulic Clamping Roll Handler
Stainless ATEX Power Gripping Roll Handler
Turning Roll Loader
Paper Roll Lifter
Stacker with V Bed for Roll Turning 180 Degrees
Stainless Steel Roll Trolley
Roll Turner Ex Rated
Stainless Roll Trolley System to Load 500kg Rolls

Bespoke Design Materials Handling Equipment UK

Stackers and Lifters
Straddle Stacker with Fixed Forks
Straddle Stacker with Adjustable Forks
Stacker with Drum Forks
Manual Straddle Stacker
Manual Stacker with Jib Attachment
Electric Stacker with Jib Attachment
Stainless Pneumatic Telescopic Stacker with Fixed Forks
Pallet Stacker with Adjustable Fork Carriage
Stainless Platform Trolley Ex Rated
Pneumatic Power Drive Stacker

Bespoke Lifting Equipment
Tote Bin Tipper
Bin Tipper
Vessel Rotator for Large 600kg Mixing Bowls
Mould Lifter
Mould Lifting Trolley
IBC Tipper
Vacuum Lifter
Powered Personnel Lifter
Roll Storing Pallet
Mobile Pallet Positioning Unit

Materials Handling Trolleys UK Manufacturer
Small ATEX Drum Trolley
Small Pump Trolley
Stainless GMP Area Roll Trolley
Stainless Steel Trolley for ATEX Areas

Bespoke Handling Equipment
Helicopter Blade Lifter
Sheet Metal Loading Trolley
Hose Handling System
Filter Trolley
Door Lifting Trolley
Stainless Steel Column Lifter
Stainless Steel Crucible Lifter
Stainless GMP Pallet Handling Unit
Specialist Fully Powered Stacker

Cylinder Handling Equipment

Ergonomic Cylinder Trolleys
Gas Cylinder Trolley
Cylinder Trolley with Lifting Hoist
47kg LPG Cylinder Trolley
Hydrogen Cylinder Trolley
Bespoke Trolley for Large Heavy Cylinders

Powered Cylinder Handing Units
Gas Cylinder Filling System
Large Cylinder Handler
Stacker with Cylinder Rotator
Bespoke Custom Design Cylinder Handling Equipment

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